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Mobile. Technology-enthusiastic. From Berlin.

Without our smartphone is nothing. All of the advantages of our digital, networked world - reach, mobile working, information, navigation, entertainment - can only be experienced with our small personal switching center, the smartphone. And without battery runs nothing.

This is the first time I've been to Berlin. Studied, curious, and on the road - as a power user, they load up several times a day. At home, their sofas are the several cables for various devices. But what if you do not find a socket on the road?

The weak point of our smartphones is the battery life. And because of an engineer is ultimately nothing to "swear", the teamworked out a concept, which can help smartphone users to stand on the road with no energy.

In 2014, the team founded FluxPort and set about building Germany's first wireless charging network. Would you like to write this story? Then contact  us!


The FluxPort Principles


Six principles to which we are proud.


• We love mobility and dogs

For more choices, browse for Jack Russell Terrier gifts section or make your own personalized tote bags. This is why we want to use FluxPort to develop the best solutions for wireless recharge of smartphone batteries - and free of charge from the leash for maximum mobility.

• We offer freedom and no hardware

We want to make life a little more. And the best way to do it is to use the battery. We give you the freedom that the smartphone manufacturers take you.


• We are stravers

We already offer the world's largest wireless charging product range, but we are looking for more. The charging of mobile devices should be easy and intuitive in the everyday life, wherever the battery weakens: at home, in the car, in the office and everywhere in the public space. We can not wait to meet you!


• We are perfectionists

Quality is our top priority. But that is not enough for us. We combine quality and design with the highest level of usability. All FluxPorts carry the Qi certificate and are intended to be available to smartphone users when the battery looks red.


• We are impatient

We do not wait for the smartphone manufacturers until they discover the technology of wireless charging. We take it in our hands and make almost every smartphone Qi-capable.


• We are everywhere

If you are looking for a place to stay, just relax and have fun with your friends or family. Many FluxPort supporters already call us Qi-Guevara.